1UP Nova

With the gift of creativity and years of
experience we created one of the most
visually stunning projects.

1UP Nova consists of a small team of talented creatives who value
communication over all. Their unmatched dedication has ensured a bright
business future for the company as their dynamic startup placed them among
the greatest Digital Agencies.


This video showcases 1UP Nova's outstanding talent.

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1UP Nova has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for
their clients. Over the past year, they have achieved remarkable results with
numerous digital campaigns, including the "Plastic" music video which
received its own Billboard article.

The website

We built a modern and creative digital
experience for 1UP Nova, which is indicative
of their studio's skills.

We've effectively crafted a compelling portfolio that not only embodies their
brand identity but also serves as a showcase for their accomplishments and a
catalyst for their mission to drive meaningful change.

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